Indoor Air Solutions for the most
demanding environments

the world leader innovating in saving energy technologies for
commercial kitchens for over 20 years.

Arama&Benet is an innovative developer and manufacture of indoor air solutions for demanding kitchen environments. Our Air ventilation and filtration solutions are a “breath of fresh air” providing the most energy-efficient solutions while keeping your kitchen safe & pleasant, odor & grease-free, with simple low-cost maintenance.


The forefront of innovation in the commercial kitchen industry

Arama & Benet focus on the last 20 years to be the world leader innovating in "saving energy technologies" for commercial kitchens (hotels / restaurant's / factories / hospitals / institutions).

A&B Global

We got you
covered globaly

Regardless of your project's location or timeline constraints, our dedicated engineering department and versatile production floor are primed to deliver tailored solutions and products that align perfectly with your needs and specifications worldwide. From concept to completion, trust us to meet your requirements with precision and efficiency, no matter where you are on the map.