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Arama and Benet:
Leap into the Future

Agendas for the Year 2030

At Arama and Benet, we are committed to driving innovation and shaping the future of commercial kitchen processes and environments. Our agendas for the year 2030 reflect our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability to meet the evolving needs of the industry.
In collaboration with ARBE.TECH Technologies, we are investing in the development of the next generation of energy management systems. These systems will integrate AI (Artificial Intelligence) into cooking exhaust ventilation and air conditioning systems management, revolutionizing energy efficiency and breaking down food preparation costs.
The main role of AI will be to monitor cooking processes in real-time and ensure the effective usage of cooking appliances. Our energy management system will be connected to the meal order system, allowing it to monitor upcoming orders and provide vision alerts and information to kitchen staff.

Vision for Commercial Kitchen Cooking Processes:

Cooking processes will be seamlessly operated by an AI energy management system. All cooking appliances will be connected to electricity or gas via the energy management system, which will intelligently connect/disconnect energy based on cooking load and meal orders.

Our vision extends to the increasing use of robotics and automation in commercial kitchens. Some kitchen staff will be replaced by robots, initially for simple food preparation and cooking processes, with deeper integration of robotics expected in the coming years. These changes will necessitate new considerations for kitchen air quality, room temperature, and adapted cooking exhaust systems.