ProVENT Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Ceiling

ProVENT Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Ceiling

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ProVENT Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Ceiling

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ProVENT Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Ceiling

Revolutionize Your Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Arama & Benet proudly presents the "ProVENT" Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Ceiling, a game-changing solution designed to meet the demands of large cooking areas and open/show kitchens found in mega-restaurants, catering kitchens, hotels, and hospitals. In scenarios where multiple hoods clutter the kitchen space, "ProVENT" offers an innovative alternative.

Engineered for Professional Kitchens

"ProVENT" is meticulously engineered to provide a professional solution for kitchens that house heavy-duty and super-heavy duty cooking appliances, emitting substantial quantities of grease, steam, and convective heat into the kitchen environment. This ceiling system efficiently manages these challenges, maintaining a clean and comfortable cooking atmosphere.

Versatile Components for Customization

The "ProVENT" ventilated ceiling system comprises various essential components, including air extract modules, air supply panels, light fixture panels, and blind panels. These elements can be tailored to suit your kitchen's specific needs, offering flexibility in terms of lighting options, brightness levels, and architectural integration.

Spacious and Aesthetic Design

With a recommended installation height of 240 cm and above, "ProVENT" creates an open and spacious cooking area with a clear, unobstructed appearance. This design not only enhances the functionality of the kitchen but also adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Built to Last with Stainless Steel

All components of the "ProVENT" ventilated ceiling system are crafted from high-quality stainless steel AISI 304, ensuring exceptional durability over years of continuous use. This commitment to longevity contributes to both engineering excellence and cost efficiency for your kitchen.

 Precision Air Flow

Air flow calculations for "ProVENT" are based on the VDI 2052 "Ventilation Standard for Kitchens." The provided air flow rates are verified by the USA's independent "FRONTIER" laboratory in accordance with ASTM 1704-19 test methods, ensuring accurate and reliable performance.

Discover the Future of Clean and Efficient Kitchen Ventilation with "ProVENT."

Cutting-Edge Air Filtration with "Puntini Violo" UVGI System

Revolutionize Kitchen Hygiene and Efficiency

To maximize air filtration efficiency and maintain a clean ventilation system, "ProVENT" includes advanced "Puntini Violo" Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) air filtration modules, exclusively developed and manufactured by Arama & Benet. This state-of-the-art technology offers exceptional benefits to your kitchen environment.

Low-Cost Operation, High-Impact Performance

The "Puntini Violo" UVGI filtration system is renowned for its extremely cost-effective operation. It utilizes customized UVC band lamps with a wavelength of 254 nm, harnessing the power of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) to eliminate microorganisms. UVGI's electromagnetic radiation disrupts nucleic acids, preventing microorganisms from reproducing and effectively rendering them harmless.

Unique and Proprietary Lamps

Our proprietary lamps are a distinctive feature of the "Puntini Violo" UVGI system, setting us apart in the germicidal lamp industry. This uniqueness, combined with Arama & Benet's commitment to customer satisfaction, exemplifies our dedication to delivering the highest quality solutions.

Unparalleled Hygiene and Safety

With the "Puntini Violo" UVGI system in place, your kitchen ventilation system will maintain exceptional levels of hygiene, preventing the accumulation of grease and ensuring the safety of your staff and customers. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent duct cleaning and enjoy peace of mind.

The Ultimate Choice for Clean and Efficient Ventilation

Choose "ProVENT" with the "Puntini Violo" UVGI air filtration system for a commercial kitchen ventilation solution that exceeds expectations. Arama & Benet is your partner in innovation, committed to providing you with the best tools to enhance your kitchen's performance.

Experience the Arama & Benet difference, where customer commitment is second to none.


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