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As part of our global expansion efforts, Arama and Benet is proud to announce our official distributor in New York, USA. With years of experience in the commercial kitchen ventilation field, our distributor brings unparalleled expertise and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction to the forefront.
Operating its own company for many years, our distributor boasts extensive knowledge and a proven track record in the installation and servicing of commercial kitchen ventilation systems. With thousands of satisfied customers, businesses in the New York area can now benefit from our high-end products and technologies, certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) to meet local fire safety standards and mechanical codes.
Furthermore, our commitment to energy-saving efficiency is rigorously tested and verified by the esteemed Frontier Laboratories in the USA. This ensures that our products not only comply with regulatory standards but also deliver optimal performance and cost savings for our customers.
With our distributor in New York, businesses can trust in Arama and Benet's reputation for quality, reliability, and innovation. Together, we continue to raise the bar in commercial kitchen ventilation, providing solutions that exceed expectations and drive success for our clients across the USA.

Arama and Benet proudly extends its reach to Dubai, UAE. Our Dubai office serves as a hub for showcasing our cutting-edge products and solutions to clients across the region.
Nestled in the heart of Dubai, our showroom is meticulously equipped with state-of-the-art cooking appliances, allowing visitors to witness the energy-saving efficiency of our exhaust hoods in real-time. Through innovative technology, data on energy consumption and efficiency are projected onto a huge LCD screen, providing a comprehensive demonstration of our solutions' capabilities.
Led by our experienced sales engineers, our Dubai team is dedicated to providing the best technology and energy-saving solutions for commercial kitchen ventilation equipment across the UAE and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries. With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, we empower businesses in the region to embrace our latest energy-saving technologies, fostering a safer and greener future for all.
With our presence in Dubai, Arama and Benet continues to lead the way in delivering innovative solutions for commercial kitchen ventilation, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and sustainability for our clients throughout the Middle East.

Located in Israel, our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is equipped with AMADA JAPAN high-end CNC-operated production machines. This allows us to maintain precise control over every aspect of the manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality standards are met with every product.
Led by our co-founders, Luke Benet and Shay Arama, each with over two decades of experience, Arama and Benet operates with a shared vision and complementary expertise. Luke oversees engineering, research and development, and project management, while Shay leads marketing and company management, ensuring operational efficiency and growth.
Our commitment to innovation is evident in our dedicated research and development department. Here, a team of highly educated, forward-thinking engineers utilizes the latest versions of computerized flow dynamics software to push the boundaries of what's possible. This allows us to optimize product performance, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, setting new benchmarks in the industry.
But our dedication to quality doesn't stop there. Before any product reaches the market, it undergoes rigorous testing and refinement in our new in-house kitchen-lab. Here, hundreds of checks are conducted on prototypes to ensure they meet our stringent standards for usability, functionality, and durability.
With a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to driving sustainable change, Arama and Benet continues to lead the way in commercial kitchen ventilation and air filtration systems, providing our customers with solutions they can trust.