EconoVENT Open type Plenum Ventilation Ceiling

EconoVENT Open type Plenum Ventilation Ceiling

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EconoVENT Open type Plenum Ventilation Ceiling

About the product


The "ECONOVENT" Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Ceiling, designed and manufactured by Arama & Benet, is a revolutionary solution that redefines ventilation systems for large-scale cooking environments. Ideal for mega-restaurants, catering kitchens, hotels, and hospitals, this innovative system offers a comprehensive and cost-effective alternative to traditional exhaust hoods. With its combination of air extract panels, air supply panels, light fixture panels, and blind panels, the ECONOVENT not only ensures efficient air quality control but also enhances the overall ambiance of your kitchen space.

Key Features:

  1. Cost Efficiency: The ECONOVENT system is engineered to reduce capital investment and long-term operational and maintenance costs. By consolidating multiple components into a single, integrated solution, it eliminates the need for numerous hoods and their associated installation and upkeep expenses.
  2. Open and Clear Look: Recommended for installation at a height of 240 cm and above, the ECONOVENT provides an open and spacious appearance in your cooking area, making it ideal for open/show kitchens. This clear look enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen while maintaining functionality.
  3. Customizable Lighting: The system offers various types of light fixtures and brightness options, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your space. This customization ensures a comfortable and productive work environment that complements your kitchen's architecture.
  4. Appliance Installation Flexibility: Unlike traditional exhaust hoods, the ECONOVENT allows for easy relocation of air extract panels above cooking appliances. This flexibility simplifies appliance installation and exchange, providing convenience and adaptability for your kitchen's layout.
  5. Efficient Air Extraction: The ECONOVENT system requires a lower extract air flow volume to efficiently remove hot air and steam generated by cooking appliances. This ensures optimal performance while minimizing energy consumption.
  6. Durable Construction: All ECONOVENT ventilated ceiling components are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel AISI 304. This robust material ensures durability and longevity, even in the most demanding kitchen environments.
  7. Low-Cost Maintenance: The system's panel size is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Panels can be washed in a dishwasher machine and removed by hand without the need for special tools, reducing downtime and maintenance expenses.
  8. “Flat Jet” Application: In addition to commercial kitchens, the ECONOVENT ventilated ceiling is suitable for use above island-type front cooking and serving areas, such as those found in hotels, public institutes, and hospital dining halls. By incorporating the "Flat Jet" system module along the perimeter of the ventilated ceiling, it provides zone flow separation and enhances air extraction efficiency while minimizing disruptions to the dining area's climate and environment.


The ECONOVENT Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Ceiling is a game-changing solution for large cooking areas and open/show kitchens. By combining cost efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality, it not only streamlines your kitchen's ventilation needs but also elevates the overall dining experience. Whether you are a mega-restaurant, catering kitchen, hotel, or hospital, the ECONOVENT offers the ideal engineering and cost-efficiency solution for your culinary space. Upgrade your kitchen today with ECONOVENT and experience the future of commercial kitchen ventilation.



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