MagicPro On-Demand Control Energy Saving System

MagicPro On-Demand Control Energy Saving System

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MagicPro On-Demand Control Energy Saving System

About the product

MagicPro by Arama & Benet Engineering Company

MagicPro is an innovative and highly efficient On-Demand Control System developed and manufactured by Arama & Benet Engineering Company. This revolutionary product is designed to optimize and control airflow in commercial kitchens, significantly reducing electricity consumption related to exhaust fans and air conditioning makeup air units. MagicPro achieves these remarkable energy savings by dynamically adjusting air exhaust and supply flow rates in real-time based on cooking load, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and robust sensor integration.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Control System: MagicPro is equipped with a state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) featuring a user-friendly 7" full-color touch screen. This intuitive interface allows for easy monitoring and precise control of the system.
  2. Sensor Integration: MagicPro incorporates an array of sensors to ensure accurate and responsive performance:
    • Infra-Red Temperature Sensors (IRT): These sensors monitor cooking appliance temperatures, providing real-time data for precise control.
    • Smoke Detection Sensor (SDS): Ensures rapid response to smoke levels, enhancing safety and efficiency.
    • Room Temperature Sensor (RTS): Monitors room temperature, contributing to overall comfort and energy optimization.
  1. Motorized Flow Volume Dampers (MFVD): MagicPro includes motorized dampers installed on each exhaust collar of the "Super Jet" Series commercial kitchen exhaust hood. These dampers allow for precise control of airflow rates, ensuring that ventilation is adjusted to meet specific cooking requirements.
  2. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD): The system employs VFDs to control the power consumption of exhaust fan motors. This adjustable power management ensures efficient operation and substantial energy savings.
  3. PLC-Based Control: MagicPro is built upon the renowned "Unitronics" PLC technology, which is known for its reliability and efficiency. PLCs are programmed with original high-efficiency energy-saving algorithms.
  4. Building Management System Integration: Each MagicPro system can control and operate up to 26 exhaust fans. PLCs are fully applicable to communicate with Building Management Systems via Modbus TCP or BACnet over Ethernet (CAT 5), and VPN (Virtual Private Network) connectivity is possible when connected via Ethernet.
  5. ABTF Sensor® – Arama and Benet True Flow Sensor: Developed to measure induct air velocity, the ABTF Sensor transmits measured data to calculate air flow volume accurately. This unique sensor construction is suitable for use in grease and vapor air streams.
  6. High-Performance Infrared Temperature Sensors: Installed in exhaust hoods above specified cooking equipment, these sensors monitor cooking appliance surface temperatures, with a temperature range from 20°C up to 326°C.

System Components:

  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) with a 7" full-color touch screen
  • ABTF Sensor® – Arama and Benet True Flow Sensor
  • InfraRed Temperature Sensors (IRT)
  • Room Temperature Sensor (RTS)
  • Smoke Detection Sensor (SDS)
  • Motorized Flow Volume Dampers (MFVD)
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  • I/O Module


MagicPro's comprehensive sensor suite transmits real-time data, including cooking equipment surface temperature, room temperature, smoke, and vapor levels, as well as exhaust and supply flow rates via I/O Modules to the system's PLC. Customized energy-saving algorithms calculate real-time exhaust and supply flow volume rates based on various parameters, including the type of exhaust hood (Typical or Jet type), minimum heat load emission standards (in accordance with VDI 2052, ASTM 1704-2016, and ANSI/ASHRAE/IES 90.1 Standards). The calculated air flow rates are then provided to Motorized Flow Volume Dampers (MFVD) and fans' Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), reducing energy consumption.


  • Energy Efficiency: MagicPro significantly reduces electricity costs by optimizing exhaust fan operation and makeup air unit supply to match cooking load. This leads to substantial savings, often amounting to thousands of dollars annually.
  • Enhanced Safety: The system's smoke detection sensors ensure a rapid response to potential fire hazards, contributing to a safer kitchen environment.
  • Operational Cost Efficiency: By fine-tuning ventilation according to cooking load, MagicPro enhances the overall operational cost efficiency of both air exhaust and air supply systems.

Market Impact:

MagicPro has been developed based on four years of intensive research and development, resulting in patented technology such as the "ABTF Sensor®" (Arama and Benet True Flow Sensor). It has been designed to address the needs of a wide range of commercial kitchen operators, including those in hotels, hospitals, military bases, restaurants, catering services, bakeries, and corporate kitchens. The system has gained widespread recognition for its ability to achieve energy savings and improve operational efficiency in the commercial kitchen ventilation market.

DCKV Custom Design:

To ensure optimal energy savings, Arama & Benet Engineering Company provides customized MAGIC™® Energy Analysis Reports (EAR) and Estimated Financial Reports (EFR) for each potential customer. The EAR calculates energy consumption and environmental impact, while the EFR provides profit margin and estimated profit based on project cost, payback period, and other financial factors.

Worldwide Virtual System Follow Up:

Arama & Benet Engineering Company offers Worldwide Virtual System Follow-Up services, allowing clients to stay connected via VPN for regular monitoring and system updates.

In summary, MagicPro is a groundbreaking Energy Saving Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) System that offers a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for commercial kitchen ventilation. With its innovative technology and sensor integration, it optimizes airflow in real-time to save energy and improve operational efficiency, making it an invaluable asset for kitchen operators in various sectors.


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