Cross-Box Ultimate Solution for Taboon and Tandoori Ovens Ventilation

Cross-Box Ultimate Solution for Taboon and Tandoori Ovens Ventilation

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Cross-Box Ultimate Solution for Taboon and Tandoori Ovens Ventilation

About the product

"Cross-Box" – your essential solution for safely connecting the air exhaust chimney of your Taboon or Tandoori ovens to the central exhaust manifold (CEM) of your ventilation system. In environments where separate ventilation infrastructure is impractical or unavailable, such as high-rise buildings or limited space setups, the "Cross-Box" is indispensable.

Why is the "Cross-Box" necessary? Taboon and Tandoori ovens, whether powered by gas or solid fuel, operate at extreme temperatures, reaching up to 450 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the central exhaust manifold duct accumulates substantial grease content transported by the exhausted airflow from various kitchen appliances during the cooking process. Directly connecting a Taboon or Tandoori oven to the CEM poses a significant fire hazard. The extremely hot air, laden with sparks, can ignite the grease buildup in the CEM, potentially causing a catastrophic fire in the building.

To mitigate this risk, the "Cross-Box" was developed with a unique construction designed explicitly for fire prevention. The chimney of the oven connects to the "Cross-Box," and the "Cross-Box" then links to the central exhaust manifold. Here's how it works: the "Cross-Box" is connected to the cold water supply pipeline. When the air temperature sensor detects a predetermined threshold temperature, an electric valve automatically opens, allowing water to flow to specially designed water spray nozzles within the "Cross-Box." These nozzles create a fine "water mist."

As the exhausted hot air from the oven passes through the "water mist," it encounters stainless steel sections within the "Cross-Box." Through a heat exchange process, the air flow temperature decreases, while any sparks present are effectively washed out. Notably, the design of the water spray nozzles minimizes water consumption, and the On-Demand system controller operates the electric water valve only when the air flow temperature exceeds the minimum set point.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the "Cross-Box" can be conveniently installed above the kitchen ceiling. It requires a water drainage connection with a diameter of 50 mm and a power supply of 230V 6A.

With the "Cross-Box," you can confidently connect your Taboon or Tandoori oven chimney to the central exhaust system without the risk of fire. Safeguard your business and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you've invested in a reliable fire prevention solution.



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