Industrial Single Inlet Backward Curved Air Exhaust Fan Type KTF

Industrial Single Inlet Backward Curved Air Exhaust Fan Type KTF

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Industrial Single Inlet Backward Curved Air Exhaust Fan Type KTF

About the product

This series of fans is designed to meet the requirements of the atmosphere protection industry, offering high efficiency. The energy consumption of complete environmental equipment is reduced by using this series of fans, which adhere to Class I energy-saving standards.

● This series of fans offers various drive types. Type A direct-driven fans cover all sizes and come equipped with transducers and frequency conversion motors, allowing for multi-speed adjustments. Type A fans are easier to maintain compared to D & C types, and they also have smaller air volume.

● Model options include impeller diameters of 250, 280, 315, 355, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630, 710, 800, 900, 1000, 1120, and 1250 mm.

◎ Usage & Service Conditions

● Operating Environment: Widely used for ventilating large plants, civil construction, large squares, power plants, etc. Additionally, they can serve as corollary equipment for air handling devices and environmental purification facilities.

● Transmission Medium Requirements: The transmission medium should be air or other gases without corrosiveness, inflammability, or explosibility, and should not contain any sticky substances. Dust and other particles in the air should not exceed 150mg/m³. If used for transmitting particles, the impeller's lifespan will be shortened.

● Transmission Medium Temperature: Below 80℃ with standard structure.

◎ Direction of Rotation & Outlet Angle

● Based on the impeller's direction of rotation, the fan can have either right-handed or left-handed rotation. When viewed from the transmission side, if the impeller turns clockwise, the fan has right-handed rotation; if it turns anticlockwise, the fan has left-handed rotation.

● Regarding the fan's outlet, there are seven different blowing angles (as shown in the accompanying sketch). Our standard products include 0º, 90º, and 180º angles, though other angles can be customized based on customer requirements.




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