Super Jet Hoods

The Arama & Benet Super Jet Hoods (“ABSJ”) series with Air Curtain Technology — The most energy-efficient Hoods in the world!!!

  • The ABSJ hood is one of the few super jet hoods in the world that have both UL laboratories and CE certification for the entire hood.
  • The hood provides a cost-efficient solution for dealing with contaminated air and heat in challenging industrial kitchen environments like in restaurants and hotels. This is achieved by the Super Jet technology that streams fresh/cooled air in place of the hot/contaminated air using «smart» collector jets around the hood, creating an air curtain that prevents contaminated air and heat from leaving the hood. It also has vertical jets that direct contaminated air toward the hood’s filters, thus «helping» contaminated air to reach the filters that break fats into particles that are collected in an oil container, and the remaining contaminated air is released from the ventilation system.
  • Our Super Jet hoods provide energy savings of 30-45% in intense cooking (grilling/roasting/wok and frying) and up to 70% in light cooking (baking/steaming/cooking, etc.) when compared with conventional hoods!

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