Ventilated ceiling

Super Jet Open Plenum Ceiling

Arama & Benet manufacture the best-saving energy open plenum ceiling in her factory, the ceiling is state of the art designed for visibility. our Super Jet open ceiling saves up to 70% in wasted energy. the product is recommended for open kitchens, big kitchens with a lot of appliances. our open plenum ceiling is installed …

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Glass Hoods

Glass Hood. Glass Hood is manufacture according to UL standard. in the upper ceiling we install real Hood welded with UL filters, the glass hood serve for beauty in open kitchens. 100% of the glass hood manufacture in Arama & Benet factory.  

Air pollution systems

Air pollution systems. 100% of the air pollution systems manufacture in Arama & Benet factory in Israel. all of the filters manufacture in our factory. our systems include : carbon filters to reduce smell. grease filters to reduce small particle of grease. electrostatic filters to reduce smoke. UVC lamps to reduce in 90% the hard …

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close plenum ventilation ceilings

close plenum ventilation ceilings. we manufacture all of the ventilation close plenum ceiling in our factory in Israel. the ceiling included : grease UL filters. designed stainless steel ceiling. led lamps. oil containers.