Exhaust Hoods

Super Jet Hoods

The Arama & Benet Super Jet Hoods (“ABSJ”) series with Air Curtain Technology – The most energy-efficient Hoods in the world!!! The ABSJ hood is one of the few super jet hoods in the world that have both UL laboratories and CE certification for the entire hood. The hood provides a cost-efficient solution for dealing …

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Air pollution systems

Air pollution systems. 100% of the air pollution systems manufacture in Arama & Benet factory in Israel. all of the filters manufacture in our factory. our systems include : carbon filters to reduce smell. grease filters to reduce small particle of grease. electrostatic filters to reduce smoke. UVC lamps to reduce in 90% the hard …

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close plenum ventilation ceilings

close plenum ventilation ceilings. we manufacture all of the ventilation close plenum ceiling in our factory in Israel. the ceiling included : grease UL filters. designed stainless steel ceiling. led lamps. oil containers.